Girls’ Varsity Soccer Districts

Kyla Catarineau, Staff Writer

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Districts are the focus of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team with their first district game at home on Tuesday, Jan. 17 against Keys Gate.

Originally, districts were meant to take place at Westminster Christian, but a recent turn of events has the Lady Canes’ hosting their first two games if players can manage to pull off a win for their first game.

Senior captain Audrey Butler thinks the team will do just fine.

“I’m pretty confident,” Butler said. “We actually have the best chance of winning this year of all my high school seasons with the team.”

In order for this to happen, Butler thinks a few things need to occur.

“We need the players that are hurt to fix their injuries and come ready to play with the rest of the team,” Butler said.
In agreement with Butler, head coach Pat Fazio has some thoughts on injuries.

“I’m absolutely concerned with the few injuries we’ve had going into districts and I think we’re all just hoping, but I think we’ll be okay,” Coach Fazio said.
Keeley Catarineau, another senior captain, has views similar to Butler regarding the team’s ability to succeed.

“We have the opportunity to be very successful, but it’s going to require everyone playing their best and working hard,” Catarineau said.

For the team, districts competitions are an exciting time.

“I think we are all very excited for districts because our district is very competitive, and I know we’ll have good competition and that they’ll be great games,” Catarineau said.

Though districts are exciting, Coach Fazio has some thoughts on what the team needs to accomplish in order to be successful.

“We, as a group, need to stay focused and stay away from distractions, but mainly the key is to take it one game at a time,” Coach Fazio said.

This is Coach Fazio’s first year coaching the Lady Canes, so he also has expectations one can only hope have been met.

“The team has met my expectations, we have the ability and the sign of a good team,” Coach Fazio said.

“All we can do is hope the Lady Canes are ready and show up to play,” he said.

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