Spirit Week Lacks Spirit

Kyla Catarineau, Opinion Columnist

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Freshman Kyla Catarineau.

As you all know, last week was Coral Shores’ winter spirit week, however it looked like a few kids just wanted to dress funny as opposed to spirited.

Junior Halley Lane was one of the only ones I saw dressed up every day and even for her it was because of convenience.

“On ‘Alphabet Day’ I dressed as Harry Potter because I love Harry Potter and my name starts with an ‘H,’” Lane said. “It was really just convenient though, I had Harry Potter stuff lying around my house and on a normal day I couldn’t wear it.”

This is what I’m talking about, spirit week should be because you want to be spirited and not because of convenience.

Though you could have pulled something together, a big contributor to the school not really having any spirit is the late notice we got.

This isn’t meant to bash the people that put this together, it’s just going from Homecoming spirit week to this was very disappointing and part of it is because a lot of people didn’t find out until Friday.

Senior Mallory Hudson agrees with it being disappointing.

“I was a tad disappointed only seeing a few people really decked out, but hey if that’s what makes them comfortable then let it be,” Hudson said. “Personally though I take any opportunity I have to be weird and have fun.”

The only day a lot of people were dressed up was green and gold day, but even then most of the people weren’t decked out as they were for Homecoming.

“A lot of people dressed up on the last day,” freshman Colton Snodgrass said.

Good for you, you dressed up one day, but I mean does it really take that much effort to throw together an outfit.

I know I may seem like a hypocrite because I didn’t dress up every day, but the reason I didn’t dress up is what I stated earlier; the lack of notification.

Overall it just didn’t seem like a spirit week, and because I know that it really was one puts me back at being disappointed.

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