Safety, More Like Stupid

Will the girls’ lacrosse team have to wear helmets next year?

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Safety, More Like Stupid

One option of the helmets the team will have to wear next year.

One option of the helmets the team will have to wear next year.


One option of the helmets the team will have to wear next year.



One option of the helmets the team will have to wear next year.

Kyla Catarineau, Staff Writer

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As the girls’ lacrosse season moves forward, helmets are becoming a topic of discussion due to the fact that the girls are going to have to wear them next year.

Though the girls will be wearing helmets, they will still not be able to whack, shove, etc. as the boys do, but that’s what they want to do if they have to wear the helmets.

Junior Gianilys Matos.

“With these helmets many players, myself included, are going to want to take the game to the next level and be allowed to be more ‘rough around the edges,’” Gianilys Matos, captain of the lacrosse team, said.

If we are going to wear helmets, we should go ahead and be able to be aggressive.

The reason we are getting helmets next season is because of a team somewhere up in Orlando, so now all of Florida will have to wear them.

“A team up in Orlando got about seven concussions last season, but we didn’t have oneIt’s the coaching and not the lack of helmets.”

The coaches, however, are worried about safety and not why the helmets are being forced on them and the team.

“We think that the girls will be more inclined to hit with the helmets; they will think it’s safer because of the extra protection, but really it is more dangerous,” Coach Hall said.

Though the coaches worry about this, Matos is also concerned about other aspects of the helmet rule.

“The more they tweak the rules and change it, the more the beauty of the game fades,” Matos said.

This is also a very good point; originally while the game was being playedothing was worn. All it used to be was just a player, a ball, and a stick.

Another concern is that the “rule makers” are lacking knowledge of the game.

“Many of the people that make these rules have never played lacrosse,” Matos said. “So we basically have a bunch of grownup people creating rules about a game they don’t know anything about.”

Not only do the “rule makers” make up rules no one agrees with, but they fail to take the facts into consideration.

Kyla Catarineau
Freshman Ella Marsden.

“They tried helmets once in Massachusetts, it didn’t work,” Coach Hall said. “The helmets actually caused more concussions and head injuries than ithout them.”

A new player, someone who really didn’t know much about lacrosse coming into the season even commented on how they disagree with them being implemented next season.

“I don’t understand why we need them,” new player Ella Marsden said. “It seems it would encourage the girls’ to hit more than now.”

Helmets are not needed, possibly more dangerous, and not to mention add extra costs to play.

“If it were up to mehe game would be played the way it was intended to be; without anything,” Matos said.

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