Key West Gives Lady Canes Goodie Bags

Senior lacrosse player Delaney Hoag

Senior lacrosse player Delaney Hoag

Kyla Catarineau, Staff Writer

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This past week on Tuesday, Feb. 21 when the CSHS Lady Canes Lacrosse team played the Key West Conchs, a planned act of kindness was shown… though that’s not what the team thinks.

The Lady Conchs presented the Lady Canes with goodie bags, which included cookies, gummies, other snacks, and their social media handles after the Lady Canes beat them 15-5.

“I think it was a very kind gesture of the Key West girls to hand out the goodie bags,” Coach Cindy Hall said. “I think we are trying to keep the rivalries subsided because of the [rivalries] in football, soccer, etc.”

Though Coach Hall believes the goodie bags were given to keep the rivalries down, the team believes it’s because of what happened last year.

Last year as the Lady Canes were high-fiving the Lady Conchs after the game, the Lady Conchs began to call the Lady Canes inappropriate names. The Lady Canes thought the Key West team were apologizing for the comments with the goodie bags.

“The goodie bags were nice and thoughtful, but I don’t think it was necessary,” senior player Delaney Hoag said. “Yeah what they did last year wasn’t very nice, but honestly it made us crack up because we knew they were just mad about losing.”

There are two different beliefs regarding why the Key West team gave the Lady Canes goodie bags, but the coaches and players both agreed with the kindness that was involved in the exchange.

“It was really kind and sweet of the Key West girls to do that for us,” senior player Brie Comeforo said. “They didn’t have to.”

Because the goodie bags were overall perceived as kind, the Lady Canes invited the Lady Conchs to join them for pizza after their game on Wednesday, March 1, to return the gesture of kindness.

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