What Happened to Courting?

Nowadays CSHS couples revolve around technology

Kyla Catarineau, Staff Writer

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As most everyone knows, couples are not as intimate and personal as they used to be, not even as close as last year, but now throughout the relationship the couple depends on a phone.

It seems without a phone, the couples now couldn’t last an hour together, which should change.

The relationships that surround us today most likely all began on social media or through text.

Senior Daymaris Garcia and junior Josue Lara met on Facebook.

An example of a couple at CSHS who began on social media, and trust me there were a lot of options, is senior Daymaris Garcia and Junior Josue Lara.

“Our relationship began on Facebook, and long story short, we have been together for four years,” Lara said.

Though it may work for some people, social media is not how it should be done. Some may agree with resorting back to courting, however some would not even consider putting down their phone for a minute in a relationship.

For those of you who aren’t entirely sure what courting is, it is to pay special attention to someone in an attempt to win them over; it was practiced mainly in medieval times.

“If I had to choose between being texted or called, I would choose [being] called,” Garcia said.

Possibly, without knowing it, people want their relationships to be more personal, and though I’ve never experienced being in a relationship, I’ve always imagined a relationship where we actually talked face-to-face and truthfully got to know each other.

“We started talking over Snapchat and ended up together,” junior Bryan Placencia said.

Literally every single couple I interviewed, which was quite a few, began on social media.

I don’t know what else can be done or said to help fix this issue.

Here’s some advice: if you like somebody, don’t be a baby, go up to that person (face-to-face) and ask him or her out. So what if you get rejected? You could always not be, and this way you’re being honest with yourself. Not to mention, you can get rejected on social media just as you would in person, so don’t be scared have courage and express yourself.

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