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Keeley Catarineau

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I, Keeley Catarineau, of hectic mind and determined body bequeath the Jeep (Blackjack) and all the good times that go along with it to my sister, freshman Kyla Catarineau. May it serve you as well in the rest of your days in high school as it did me. I also will my motivation and athleticism to junior Aiden Hawkins, use it to get your work done and maybe even get more than 42 tackles or hits next year. I also bequeath the duty of pushing the soccer team to achieve excellence to Kyla Catarineau; push the team, but please do so in a somewhat affable manner. To the rising seniors, I leave you with the ability to make lasting memories and enjoy the fleeting time you have left in high school; make the most of it.

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Keeley Catarineau