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Freshmen Take on the First Day of School

Genessa Miranda, Editor

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Freshman year, a stressful part of becoming a responsible young adult. Not to mention the hormonal frenzy that is your brain, but this year’s freshmen don’t seem to be worried.

The freshmen this year seem nonchalant as if their first day wasn’t an obstacle.

Ricky Placencia, freshman, described his first day as fun.

“I felt pretty cool,” Placencia said.

Journalist, Genessa Miranda interviews Ms. Bedell.

Placencia also said,”I wasn’t nervous because I had my friends there with me.”

Though Placencia felt this way, other freshmen said were annoyed by the first day of school.

“Someone took down the teachers names from the pods, so I got lost,” freshman Rio Del Pino said.

He also described his first day as anticlimactic, and it didn’t live up to the big scary stories everyone was telling him about.

Overall Del Pino said, “My first day was bearable and I believe I will have a good freshmen year.”

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Freshmen Take on the First Day of School