Is Drug Testing Back at Coral Shores?

Kyla Catarineau, Editor

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As fall sports begin, questions regarding the new drug testing policies are being raised; one specifically being whether or not the tests are really going to happen. The answer to the question is yes.

Though there is going to be a drug test, it will not be in taken in the fashion you would assume, but in a completely different and a lot more random way.

“It will be random… literally random, you won’t be able to guess the day you’re taking it based on who took it the last day,” said Coach Russell, Athletic Director and teacher.

What athletes don’t what their drug test results to look like.

Basically, it will work like this: a list will be made of all of the kids playing sports during during that season (spring, fall, winter), and they will randomly choose a day to select students they(they=AHEC) randomly selected from the list.

An example is, say you play football, then that’s a fall sport. Your name would be put on a list with kids from cross-country, swimming, etc. Say they decide they’

re testing numbers 5-15 that day, if you’re in that number range, then you go do what you’re told to do, and then results will be drawn. AHEC will then test your sample and the school will find out if you’re clean or not.

Some athletes may be complaining about this new drug testing policy, but it actually used to be implemented at Coral Shores around 1993-94 and lasted for about a decade.

Some parents may be complaining about the money “being taken out of the classroom”, but in fact it is not.

The money being used to get students tested is coming from outside sources, and therefore can do nothing but help your child have a better health.

The people doing the actual drug testing is not the school, it is AHEC. AHEC is the Area Health Education Centers and their goal is to, “…enhance access to quality health care, particularly primary and preventive care,”

The reason that this new policy is being put in place is because AHEC feels that students athletes should be held to higher standards, also because they need to be healthier to prevent injury.

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