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Fall Sports Seasons Shortened Due to Irma

Coral Shores Fall Sports Senior Athletes Beginning to Feel Effects of Condensed Season

Jason Polanco and Tanaris Walker, Staff Writers

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Not only did Irma rattle our island, but Irma rattled sports at Coral Shores as a whole.

Schedules have begun to get shortened and seniors that play fall sports are feeling the effects of the updated, shortened seasons.


Football players walk over to their coaches.

This year’s Coral Shores’ football team is full of returning seniors expecting to have a successful season this year, but little did they know Irma was coming.

The team has missed a number of games due to Irma.

“The team was supposed to have played six games by now and have only played two,” Athletic Director Coach Richie Russell said.

Though it may be believed that some seniors would be upset or frustrated that they’ve missed so many games their senior season, it’s not the case for everyone.

“We’re lucky to even have a season at all,” senior Dustin Chamberlain said. “Plus, the team having any part of a season and playing football games will be good to uplift the spirits of the community.”

Coach Russell is working diligently to set up games for the football team, but many factors go into getting them scheduled and/or rescheduled, so it may prove difficult.


Among the most affected of the fall sports other than football is cheerleading and Canettes.

Since cheerleading and Canettes are impacted directly by football, if there isn’t a football game, there’s no cheering and/or dancing.

“We hope that football is able to get everything together and reschedule some games,” said cheerleader Rachael Clark. “We love cheering at the games and cheerleading is nothing without football.”



Volleyball, the earliest to start their season of all fall sports team, has had their schedule cut to participate in only district contests. The team’s emotions are mixed when it comes to the new schedule

Two Lady Canes’ volleyball players pose for a picture.

“We would have liked to have a longer season, but now we’re down to the important games,” said junior Keely Flanagan. “It could be worse.”

Although there aren’t many seniors on this year’s team, the few that there are have been trying to stay optimistic.

“I’ve been looking forward to my senior year for the longest time and seeing it cut short is very disappointing, but I’m glad that there even is still a season,” said senior Sierra Jenkins.

Volleyball is set to play Key West on Tuesday, Oct. 3 with more district games following.


The Swim team of Coral shores has also been affected by hurricane Irma, but the solution for this sport is a little more difficult than others.

The swim team usually has practice at Founder’s Park Community Pool, but as of now the pool is not open to the public.

“We’ve been told that Founder’s will be opening the pool up for the swim team a couple of hours certain days of the week,” sophomore Max Owens said.

Though all fall sports have to adapt because of Irma, Coach Russell is trying to alter winter sports as least as possible.

“With the messed up schedules of fall sports teams, the school and district are trying to keep fall sports as close to their original schedules as possible as to minimally affect the other seasons sports,” Coach Russell said.

Cross Country


Cross country athletes show off their medals after a meet.

Cross Country was the most unaffected fall sport, with two meets being cancelled and some being rescheduled, it appears they will still have a full season.

“The hurricane took off some practice time for us, but the team has come back with a sense of urgency,” said Coach Suarez. “They’re working 10 times harder than before and looking better than ever.”

Coach Suarez also stated, “Key West is still working on getting their Cross Country team back together, but depending on whether or not they are successful in doing so could potentially make Coral Shores the number one team in the district.”

Though the first place spot would automatically be theirs, the team would’ve preferred to earn it.

“It’s very unfortunate,” said senior Zach Roth, captain of the team. “We would have liked to work to get that spot, but the team is excited about the prospect of being the top team in the district and now we’ll just work harder to maintain it.”

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Fall Sports Seasons Shortened Due to Irma