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Letter to the Editor: Phone Charts & Drug Testing

Shawn Mac Mullin

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Dear Editor,

I feel that the school is very divided on the new rules that are now in place. For example, the phone charts, and drug testing. I don’t see the big fuss on the issues and why everybody is against these new policies.

To begin with is the phone charts. I know that it is annoying to have to put your phone away and I know some people don’t feel comfortable without their phone. But in reality people are using their phone in class and not paying any attention to what the teacher is teaching, and not paying any attention to their work. So I believe that the phone chart is a good thing to an extent. Maybe once you are finished with your work for the day you can get your phone and use it silently.

Finally we have the issue with drug testing sports players. I understand some people say that the school has no right to drug test them. But when you get down to it, playing sports is a privilege and the school has a right to take away that privilege if you break the law and participate in drug use. If you say you don’t do drugs then you have nothing to worry about and you shouldn’t have any problem with a drug test.

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Letter to the Editor: Phone Charts & Drug Testing