Don’t Waste Money Rebuilding the Florida Keys

Destiny Ruiz, Staff Writer

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Don’t rebuild the Florida Keys. Imagine, an outsider who knows nothing of our way life, targets us with an appalling article speaking on how it is a waste to rebuild our community.

On Sep.13 2017, Forbes magazine published an article titled  “Don’t Rebuild The Florida Keys” that had many Florida Keys citizens appalled.

This article spoke on the fact that rebuilding will have a price tag of 150 million dollars. Columnist Omri Ben-Shahar speaks on the fact that we shouldn’t rebuild the Keys for the reason that it will take a lot of government funding to rebuild our home just for another storm to destroy it again.

The Florida Keys is home to 68,697 according to Not to mention the tourists that come here all year round to visit. In my opinion,this place is my home as to anyone else here just like any other place.

“The people in our community is what makes the Keys really feel like home,” junior Zybo Marchetti said.

If other people were in this type of situation of a tragedy like us, they might feel the same way we do because it’s what we call home. Many people who live in the Keys have lived here for 10+ years.

A problem that sits with me is the very fact that money was funneled into advertising the Keys to tourists, but when it comes to actually helping the people affected by the hurricane everyone turns on Helen Keller mode. The sheer ignorance of this is angering, money is what motivates people. Nobody cares for helping people.

I feel that this article was very ignorant to be talking about right now considering that many people have not only lost their homes,and jobs, but their loved ones in this tragic storm. We would not be saying this in Harvey or Maria. We want to make sure we need to help people prosper, not drown.

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