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Canes Homecoming Spirit Week to Begin Monday Oct. 9

Sarah Kelley, Editor In Chief

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During the week of Oct. 9-14, all Coral Shores homecoming events are to take place. This year’s homecoming theme is “Canes Got Game.” Each day has been planned by students in Mrs. Rosenow’s leadership class.

Monday: “Battleship”

On the first day of spirit week, students are to show class spirit by dressing in their designated class colors. The 2017-18 class colors are as follows: Seniors are blue, juniors

Junior Marley Dye poses in front of the freshman PowderPuff team for the 2016 matches.

are red, sophomores are orange, and freshmen are green.

Additionally, each class will be decorating a different stairwell using materials of their assigned colors before the first bell rings on Monday morning. The most creatively decorated stairwell will receive points toward their class for the week-long homecoming competition.

To finish off the first day of spirit week, the PowderPuff football games will be held on the Coral Shores field starting at 6 pm. Freshmen will take on the seniors and sophomores will play the juniors. The winners of each game will face off to become the final champions and ultimately win points for their class.

Junior Shannon McCormick and Senior Brooke Peacock pose for 2016 class color day.

Tuesday: “Candyland: Sweet Dreams”

Students are encouraged to come to school dressed in their favorite sleep attire.


Wednesday: “Wii Sports”

Students are to dress like athletes on Wednesday. They may chose any sport to represent.


Thursday: “Scrabble Day”

On Thursday, Coral Shores students will represent their own names by dressing up as something that starts with the same letter as their first name.


Friday: “Green and Gold”

The class schedule on Friday will be treated as a half day due to the events taking place in the second half of the day. VolleyPuff matches and the pep rally will be respectively occurring in the gym after seventh period.

Students have been told to wear green and gold to support the football team which will be playing our homecoming game during the evening. The winners of the homecoming competition and homecoming King and Queen will be announced at halftime. Also taking place on Friday is the annual parade, which will occur on the Old Road at 5 pm.


Saturday: “Just Dance”

The homecoming dance will take place in the Coral Shores gym from 7-10 pm. Appropriate attire is required, but no official dress code has been mandated.

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