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Some Marinas Back on Their Feet, Others Not Opening Soon

KC Spaulding, Fishing Columnist

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Docks were swept away at Bud n Mary’s marina courtesy of Irma.

It has been three weeks since Hurricane Irma, and the Keys and its fishing is quickly recovering.

Although the town and most of everything on the oceanside was damaged, everyone is working hard to get back up and running.

In the Keys, there are five main marinas from Key Largo to Marathon. Some of these marinas are recovering much quicker than others.

The first and biggest marina, Bud ‘n Mary’s, had the worst damage and has recovered the quickest. They have put all their main docks back in, and almost have the whole fleet of charter boats back in their spots and ready to fish.

Guest Columnist KC Spaulding

The second largest, Whale Harbor, has also done a great job recovering as quickly as possible. I was talking to some friends that had been back in their slips and already taken a few charters out fishing.

Robbie’s is another marina that had a significant amount of damage. Robbie’s is best known for feeding the tarpon but also have a small fleet of boats as well. They have replaced all the boat slips and have gotten the whole fleet back fishing. They finished their main dock as well, which is where you feed the tarpon.

A hotel and marina known as Postcard Inn will not be opening for six months to a year due to the damage and destruction of hurricane Irma. They might tear the whole hotel down and rebuild it.

Smugglers Cove is also a marina and hotel that got extremely lucky with little damage. They had a few boats that sunk, but other than that not much.  Smugglers never really had a fleet of boats, but due to the closing of Postcard Inn, the whole fleet of about 26 boats moved to Smugglers Cove.

Personally, I’m back on the water and have fished several trips since Hurricane Irma. Fishing is always best after a hurricane. It feels great to be back fishing. Cleaning up and yard work isn’t fun.

K.C. Spaulding is a fourth-generation fisherman on the fishing boat Caribsea, a local family-run and family-owned business.

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Some Marinas Back on Their Feet, Others Not Opening Soon