Soccer “Kicks” Off For Second Quarter

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Soccer “Kicks” Off For Second Quarter

Lady Canes' varsity team gets serious for a picture.

Lady Canes' varsity team gets serious for a picture.

Lady Canes' varsity team gets serious for a picture.

Lady Canes' varsity team gets serious for a picture.

Kyla Catarineau, Managing Editor

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As the months of winter approach, the sports of the season begin to pick up, soccer being one of them.

Tryouts for the boys’ soccer team began last week and will end this week.

“A total of 38 boys have showed up to tryouts so far, enough to fill both a varsity and junior varsity (JV) roster,” varsity coach of the boys soccer team, Bosque said.

Tryouts for the girls soccer team began a couple days before the boys tryouts, and teams were chosen last week.

At tryouts, there was a total of 34 girls and every one of them made a team; 17 made varsity and 17 made JV.

Of the 38 boys that have showed up to tryouts, five of these students have stood out to Coach Bosque.

The five students are Billy Butler, Thomas Nelson, Brayan Rojas, Ryan De La Torre, and Alex Jordan.

Butler is a returning player, as is De La Torre and Jordan, however Nelson and Rojas are new players to Coral Shores.

“I’m hoping these boys will be the anchors of the team,” Coach Bosque said. “They’re all very talented and I see them leading the team.”

Nelson, one of the players Coach Bosque sees as being the leader of the team, particularly stands out.

Nelson playing with his U19 team.

Nelson is new to Coral Shores this year, he formerly played soccer at American Heritage on a scholarship. Currently he plays on a U19 (under 19 years of age) team in Cutler Ridge that is ranked sixth in the state. He has played on this team for five years now.

Though Nelson is only 16 years old and playing with 19-year-olds, he is a captain of the team, as he hopes to be for Coral Shores.

This is just one of the many talented players Coach Bosque has seen out at tryouts.

“This is the highest level of talent I have seen in at least six or seven years,” Coach Bosque said. “I’m really thinking and hoping that we can make it to regionals this year.”

Coach Bosque is not the only one that feels this way, based on what Nelson has seen, he agrees.

“I honestly believe we can make it to regionals this year, but that’s only if we work together as a team,” Nelson said.

As for the girls soccer team, head coach, Pat Fazio, has seen many players that he believes can lead the team, and has just named three Lady Canes’ captains.

The girls’ soccer JV roster.

The three captains are sophomores Kyla Catarineau and Emma Lovell, and senior Lexi Gautier.

The other girls Fazio can see leading the team, in addition to the captains, are returning JV players who were moved up for multiple varsity games last year. They are sophomores Erin Rodberg, Isabella Bolivar, and Mia Ruiz.

As for Fazio’s hopes for the season, he has many.

“We have a young team, so my hopes are that we build a good foundation now as a team,” Coach Fazio said. “I’d like to see us continue our programs winning ways, focus on the team play, growing and playing together as one, build upon our strength of play to progress throughout the year and on into the future years.”

The girls’ soccer varsity roster.

Gautier also has high hopes for her senior season.

“I hope we have a strong, bonded team and a good record!” Gautier said.

The Lady Canes’ first game is today, Tuesday, Nov. 7 against LaSalle at home.


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