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Trends That Belong in the Graveyard

Senior Lorenzo Scott looking at these “Gravediggers” in shame.

Senior Lorenzo Scott looking at these “Gravediggers” in shame.

Tanaris Walker

Tanaris Walker

Senior Lorenzo Scott looking at these “Gravediggers” in shame.

Tanaris Walker, Staff Writer

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Dabbing. Bottle flipping. “It’s lit.” If you say or participate in any of these dead trends you need to go see a doctor.

There are a lot of trends that are considered “dead” due to overuse or becoming unpopular due to new trends that immediately follow. But there is always that minority that have to ruin everything for everyone.

Depending on who you are or how much time you spend online, there are always people that have different views on trends and whether or not their popularity is notable.

“People using dead trends just makes it seem as if they’re still cool are trying too hard to be cool,” senior Elijah Woods said. “Start new trends.”

Some people have a different view on these “graveyard” trends.

“They’re just fun to do, and I’m a goofy type of person,” said freshman Mario Menendez.

Now dissect each of the latest trends, which have either been extinct since the beginning or were able to live at least six months.

Bottle flipping; a trend that began in 2016 thanks to Michael Senatore, flipping a water bottle at a talent show at his high school kickstarted the popularity of this activity. Pretty soon this was a nationwide phenomenon. If you are an uncultured caveman, to bottle flip; you need a plastic bottle of water 1/4 filled up. Then, flick that wrist not too hard or gently to successfully make the bottle rotate 360 degrees.

Tanaris Walker
Freshman Mario Menendez flipping away.

The next topic of discussion, the infamous dab. Dabbing, you know, the dance move that was inspired by sneezing properly into your elbow. Origins are unknown, but however there is speculation that the popular rap group Migos have possibly started the trend following their popular song ‘Look at my Dab”.

“It’s lit.” The sound of this word is just enough for you to clip your own teeth with nail clippers. Now, ironically from time to time it’s funny. But there are those who unironically believe that this term is still acceptable to use. Again, origins are unknown, but there is full indication that this phase was not so widespread until the year of 2016.

Trends come and go. Sometimes that’s for the best. If you or a loved one has been heard saying old phrases, or caught performing vile acts such as dabbing, stop and get some help. We’ll be here waiting for you on the other side.

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Trends That Belong in the Graveyard