Christmas Spirit Spreads in Islamorada With Annual Holiday Fest

Adrian Munoz, Staff Writer

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On Friday, Dec. 1, from five to nine at Founders Park, the 13th annual holiday fest will take place; an event to spend some time with family and friends.

This annual event sparks a lot of excitement for many people.

SARAH KELLEY/Hurricane Watch
Pictured is a golf cart from last year’s parade adorned with holiday decorations.

The popular “snow” mountain is always a favorite at the fest, making tons of children happy. Having playful snowball fights and making snow angels are among the activities that are associated with the Christmas spirit.

This year, due to Irma’s effects on the park, the snow mountain and other activities will be located inside the Founders Park beach.

Another feature of the fest is the 35- foot-high Christmas tree! Snow will be blown out of the branches to make it even more unique and memorable.

Starting at 7:30 p.m. will be the holiday parade with the colors silver and gold as the theme for this year. The parade consists of floats, antique cars, and Santa Clause, according to

The Coral Shores softball team is participating in the festival; riding on a float.

“I think that being on the float is going to be a really cool opportunity to just have fun and feel like Christmas is here already,” freshman Liyiccia Torres said.

“Coach Bonee has a blow-up Santa and reindeer that are going to be on the float too,” Junior Hailey Pacyna added. “I think it’s good that the team is doing something for our community.”

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