“The Curious Savage” Launches Coral Shores Theatre Program Into Action This Year

Sarah Kelley, Editor In Chief

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On Dec. 1-3, the Coral Shores Drama Club put on their first production of the school year, “The Curious Savage,” starring senior Geo Capitos and debuting junior Tristian Woolery. 

“The Curious Savage” is an intimate 11-piece play with straight dialogue, rather than an elaborately orchestrated show complete with singing, dancing, and acting. Later in the year, Coral Shores will be putting on “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” which is a musical of these sorts, taking place on February 23-25 and March 2-4 at the Coral Shores Performing Arts Center. 

Senior thespian Geo Capitos took the lead role in the show as the character of Mrs. Savage.

“Being the lead in this play was so exciting but also very nerve wracking,”


Geo Captios (left) and Jena Jones (right) interact on stage during one of the performances.

Capitos said.  “I had so much I needed to memorize. With this being a straight play and not a musical, there isn’t any beat or melody you can follow so I had to memorize not only my own lines, but also the lines before mine so that I knew my cues.”

Capitos enjoyed the intimacy of the play, saying that it made everyone become very close with one another.

“The best part about it was working with my fellow cast mates…they’re all such lovely, funny people; all unique in their own way,” Capitos said.

While this show was among one of Geo’s many stage performances, it was a new experience for junior Tristian Woolery.

Despite the fact that this is his first year involved with the Coral Shores theater program, he landed the role of Dr. Emmet in the show.

“My experience [in the show] was amazing,” Woolery said. “Everyone was a big help to me with my acting, giving me pointers.”

Woolery also said that the cast and crew of the show welcomed him with open arms and that it felt like one big family.

Pictured from left to right are Cody Dickerson, Jena Jones, and Jakob Pooley posing in character of their respective roles.

“My future in theater is not set in stone, but I recommend theater to anyone who knows they may catch the theater-bug like I did,” Woolery said.

While the show had a pleasurable outcome according to director Michele Zofchak (more commonly known as Ms. Z) and the aforementioned cast members, the beginning of the production process had a rocky start due to Hurricane Irma’s interruption on the school year.

“I was so impressed with my students,” Ms. Z said. “We had some trouble with learning lines and getting things done on time…we had to postpone the date of the show, but in the end, my students really pulled everything together and made a really great show.”

Capitos said that the show went beyond her expectations, even though she wasn’t 100% sure that the show was going to come together.

“As we got into tech week, I saw everything start to fall into place, from the set, to the blocking, and the acting…I was so happy with the final product,” Capitos said. “In the end, performing and hearing all the positive feedback is what really made all the hard work worth it. 


Pictured from left to right are Colt McGee, Lina Coole, and Joy Maryanski on the set of Curious Savage.

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