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Germs Overrun Coral Shores, Knocking Out Students

Nicole Wapinsky

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Coral Shores, but joy isn’t the only thing being spread.

Germs are spreading quickly and students are getting sent home left and right.

“I send an average of five to 10 kids home everyday for being sick,” said nurse Shannon.

Children’s colds cause more visits to the doctor and missed school days than any other illness. Strep throat, cold, fever, and flu are all common sicknesses going around Coral Shores. Even though the flu is rare, it’s still in the air.

Students have been experiencing dizziness, fatigue, weakness and nausea.

“I’ve been sick for a week now and it’s terrible,” said junior Jamie Aucamp.

Students want to stay home but with important mid-terms right around the corner it is critical that they are in school.

“The amount of students that walk around sick is ridiculous, and its spreading germs to everyone else,” said nurse Shannon.

The attendance records are poor due to all the students being sick and not showing up. This is the time of year that most students get sick and germs are spread.

“I can’t stand sick people walking around and jeopardizing my learning process,” said junior Miguel Quezada.

The nurse emphasizes how important it is to wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough. Also to use hand sanitizer as much as possible, and if sick, stay home to prevent spreading it to other students.



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Germs Overrun Coral Shores, Knocking Out Students