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Winter Spirit Week: Under Construction

Canes got Game, spirit week. Jordan and Samantha smiling for a picture. Contributed by Karina.

Canes got Game, spirit week. Jordan and Samantha smiling for a picture. Contributed by Karina.

Canes got Game, spirit week. Jordan and Samantha smiling for a picture. Contributed by Karina.

Emma Brower, Staff Writer

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The Coral Shores Winter Spirit Week is going to be Monday, Jan.  22 through Friday, Jan. 26, and there is a lot of hope for new and fresh ideas.

Students gave opinions on the do’s and don’t’s during spirit week. To avoid any past mistakes, here are some things to avoid and incorporate.

“We should do different things each spirit week; I feel like everybody is getting sick of pajama day and want something new,” sophomore Lexy Brito said.

A constant nag shown by most students is the blandness of a pajama day. Yes, its amazing to be able to comfortably sit in class in a warm pair of pj’s, but having a pajama day every spirit week is like unsalted popcorn — it’s good but you know you want the great taste of salt.

I believe most are sick of pajama day because not everyone owns an actual pair of pajamas. Most people don’t have the time to go out and buy an whole new set of pj’s to be worn once and shoved in the bottom of a drawer.

“I think we shouldn’t have Scrabble Day because it is hard to come up with things to be,” freshman Karina Betancourt said.

Damaris Rego
Canes got games, last spirit week. Karina Betancourt and Lexy Brito smiling for a picture.

We also should reconsider having a Scrabble Day; students had a hard time coming up with ideas that were both unique and recognizable. What happen if people’s name starts with a Z or Q, or any weird letter. What are they supposed to do — just be left out of the fun. I think we should do something that’s fun and easy so everyone can do it.

“I think there should be a meme day, because memes are funny,” freshman Riley Dobson said.

Memes are pictures that people can identify and easily relate to. Students would enjoy meme day because many students are involved in the popular “meme culture.” The students could dress up has their favorite meme or as a person from a popular vine that is easily recognizable.

“It would be cool if we could incorporate something we never done before because I feel like it gets old doing the same thing every year,” senior Samantha Rodriguez said.

I think we should incorporate a Superhero Day because, honestly, who doesn’t like superheros? It would also be easy to make or go out and buy a costume.

“I think doing the Superhero Day would be a good idea because we have never done it and it would be something new for everybody,” Senior Elijah Woods said.

We should have a class movie day where each grade gets a movie and they have to dress like the characters in the movie. Movie day would be fun because it could be an competition and who ever had the most students who dressed with the movie would win.

Canes got Game spirit week. Elise, Vanessa, Leguee, and Dameris smiling for a picture. Contributed by Karina.






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Winter Spirit Week: Under Construction