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Where Is He Now- Mahtabfar Edition

Nicole Wapinsky, Staff Writer

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Genessa Miranda
Mr. Mahtabfar crosses his arms in disappointment.

Mr. Dariush Mahtabfar… Where did he go? Miami? New Jersey? Or back to his origins in Persia? No one knows where Mr. M has gone.

Mahtabfar was the geometry and algebra teacher at Coral Shores during the 2016-2017 school year. As the year came and went, so did Mahtabfar.

“He wasn’t a terrible teacher, but the only thing I learned was how to find the tessellation because that’s all he taught,” senior Walter Carrera said.

According to, Mahtabfar was a math teacher at West Broward High School located in Pembroke Pines and part of Broward County School District. Mahtabfar’s “one-star teacher” rating contributes to West Broward High School’s ranking in Florida. The average teacher rating at West Broward High School is 4.12 stars.

Mahtabfar was also a math teacher at Park Ridge High School located in Park Ridge, N.J., and part of Park Ridge School District. Mahtabfar’s “three-star teacher” ratings contributes to Park Ridge High School’s ranking in New Jersey. Additionally, the average teacher rating at Park Ridge High School is 4.27 stars. Most of his rankings on Rate My Teachers are low or it’s students complaining about how they couldn’t understand him.

Mahtabfar currently lives in Miami, and after calling his phone number more than five times, there was no answer.

“I never understood what he was saying so I just ignored him and sat on my phone,” junior Anthony Vasilenko said.

Mahtabfar was widely remembered for his inspirational quotes and funny outbreaks.

“His class was honestly a joke; the only good thing about it was that he was funny when he got mad,” junior Skylar Perez said.

He didn’t get mad often, but when he did, he always said the same thing: “You all must be civilized students!” Mahtabfar would say when the class was acting up.
Once the school year of 2016-2017 ended, he disappeared; now he is nowhere to be found.
For most students who had him as a teacher, Mahtabfar and his quirks will never be forgotten.
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Where Is He Now- Mahtabfar Edition