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Where Are They Now: The Ellsworths

Jason Polanco, Staff Writer

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Trekking across England, taking a spontaneous trip to Europe, and traveling across the United States; you name it and the Ellsworths have done it.

The news of the Ellsworths’ retirements last year spread like a wildfire and came as a surprise to many of the students and staff at Coral Shores High School (CSHS).

“I wasn’t expecting it at all,” senior Lorena Perez said. “Even if you never had them as teachers, you knew of the impact they have had on the community and here at CSHS, so I can imagine everyone was shocked.”

The Ellsworths have made the most of their time by traveling and coming to sporting events held at CSHS over their six-month period of retirement.

“My favorite part so far has to be when we went to the Chicago Bears game against the Carolina Panthers,” Mrs. Ellsworth said. “We went with my sister and had seats right at the 50-yard line; we had an amazing time tailgating as well.”

Mr. Ellsworth added, “I would have to say my favorite part has been the trip to Europe. It was around the time of Irma, and it really helped us take our mind off of everything going on back home by keeping us occupied.”

There have been some aspects of the job that the Ellsworth’s miss; and it’s one of the main reasons why they continue to come back and support many of the students at sporting events.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth make light of a dark situation as they pose in front of a tree that was knocked down by Irma

“The social aspect of school is what we miss the most,” Mrs. Ellsworth said as Mr. Ellsworth nodded his head in agreement.

“We miss seeing the students and interacting with them like we used to do everyday; most of our friends work here too, so it’s been difficult to adjust to that change the most.”

There are many exciting plans on the Ellsworths’ upcoming agenda, but one of the things they are looking forward to the most is spending more time with their family.

“We definitely are looking forward to all of our traveling plans, but we can’t wait to spend a lot more time with our family now that we have more leisure time,” Mrs. Ellsworth said.

Mr. Ellsworth added, “We have a trip planned for the end of May to walk across England, and we are very excited for that.”

A question that has been circling around since news was spread of their retirement has been whether or not the Ellsworth’s have any plans to return to CSHS.

“I feel like if we are still familiar with the students, we will keep coming around, ” Mr. Ellsworth said. “I’ve been thinking about possibly registering as a substitute teacher, but I haven’t come to a decision yet.”

Mrs. Ellsworth added, “I don’t have any plans on registering as a sub, but I know we will definitely continue to be involved in the community with volunteer work and coming back to visit from time to time. We do miss it very much.”

Regardless of their plans to come back to CSHS, one thing can be agreed upon, the environment here at CSHS hasn’t been the same without the Ellsworths and they are missed by many.

“In my opinion, they are the most beloved educators to ever step foot in CSHS,” senior Rebecca Galvan said. “Everybody that knows the Ellsworths or has had them as teachers miss them very much, and we wish they could have stuck around for at least another year, but we all wish them the best in the rest of their retirement.”


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Where Are They Now: The Ellsworths