Rosenow Voted Teacher of the Year for the District

Sarah Kelley, Editor in Chief

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Rosenow is congratulated by Principal Blake Fry and Superintendent Mark Porter.

Marine science and leadership teacher Beth Rosenow was announced Teacher of the Year by Principal Fry on Friday, Dec. 15 after being hospitalized for five days due to what Rosenow has called “Frankenfoot.”

The 2017-2018 Coral Shores teacher of the year was announced at a staff meeting with Rosenow on speaker-phone with Mr. Fry.

“I was released from the hospital about two hours before I got the phone call, so I was actually at home on my couch when the phone call came through from Mr. Fry,” Rosenow said.

Rosenow believes her strong connection with students and lengthy repertoire of participation in school and community functions is what set her aside from other teachers in the running for the title. 

“I think that I have a great relationship with my students and I’m involved in so many different things at the school,” Rosenow said.  “I’m happy that I’m not athletic, otherwise I’m sure I would also be coaching.”

Rosenow is greatly supported by her students, who wholeheartedly believe she deserves the title.

“Her ability to multi-task better than anyone I know somewhat sets her aside from the rest of the teachers, but I think her big mangled foot puts her a step in front of the competition,” senior Jack Yeager said.

Junior Isabella Olsen, a marine science and leadership student of Rosenow, agrees that she’s deserving of the title.  

“She definitely deserved to be teacher of the year,” Olsen said. “She always gives 100% so it’s her turn to receive great things coming her way. She is always energetic and finding new ways to make her teaching more fun and entertaining in order to keep her students engaged in the lesson.”

Rosenow has now been teaching for 19 years. Her first eight years were spent in Michigan; she then taught for three years in Naples, one year of Florida Virtual School, and is now on her seventh year of teaching in Monroe County.

“I’ve taught everything from biology, physical science, forensic science, marine science, and leadership,” Rosenow said.

The process of aquiring the title of Teacher of the Year varies from school to school. At Coral Shores, nominations are open to students, staff, and parents, who must fill out an anonymous nomination form. The names of teachers who are nominated are then put on a ballot and teachers at the school vote on it.  

The teacher of the year within his/her building is then considered for the district-level teacher of the year. The school-wide winner must then submit videos of an active classroom, lesson plans, a letter of recommendation, and resumé. Essay questions must also be answered in order to be considered for the next level.

“I’m really honored to be Coral Shores teacher of the year,” Rosenow said.  “It’s a title I appreciate and something I’ve always aspired to be at some point in my career.”

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