Spring Sports Just Around Corner

Adrian Munoz, Staff Writer

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The new year is here, and with the new year comes a new season of sports, spring sports.

Lacrosse, track and field, spring football, softball, and baseball are the sports being introduced this season, and with the season being right around the corner, preseason conditioning is underway.

Though Coral Shores High School (CSHS) athletes are excited for the new sports to start, some boys lacrosse athletes have mixed feelings regarding this season due to Hurricane Irma postponing the team’s season to January, when in the past conditioning started right after Thanksgiving break.

“I don’t think that Irma will affect us too badly because we have a strong willed team of people who can, and will, put in extra hours to make sure the season goes as it should,” lacrosse player Jonathon Rroshi said. “The weeks we missed will only give us more drive to play harder.”

Girls lacrosse team 2016/2017 taking in some pep talk.

As for girls lacrosse, the team has undergone construction with a new coaching staff leading them this year. Ms. Calarusso is the new head coach this season.

Players are excited for the change and are looking forward to this season.

“I think [Ms. Calarusso] will bring a new dynamic to the team with drills and skills,” sophomore Kaitlin Pooley said. “She’s really doing

Girls Lacrosse team 2016-2017. Picture taken by Shari Wood Nicholl.

a great job and all the girls on the team are happy with her as coach.”

With the same coaching staff, spring football is also preparing for the team’s short season.

With next year’s season already in mind, the spring season will give upcoming players an opportunity to show what they’re made of, and to build a bond with other players before regular season heads underway.

“It is a great time period to train and grow chemistry with other players,” junior Dylan Scheu said.

Though it’s a great time to bond, it’s also a good time to improve and develop as a player.

“Spring Football gives chances to upcoming players to prove that they have skills, even more so now that seniors are counted out,” Walters said.

In regards of baseball a new head coach has been chosen, however the athletes have already put themselves to the task of getting in shape and being prepared for the season.

Where softball is concerned, preseason conditioning has occurred since the start of the soccer season. They will come into the season prepared and ready.

Track and Field practice officially started on Tuesday, Jan. 16 and the runners are looking to come in to the season ready to win.

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