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Coral Shores Beats County, State Graduation Rate

Academic Challenge Team Also Heads to District Competition

Principal Fry speaks to students at the State of the Hurricane.

Principal Fry speaks to students at the State of the Hurricane.

Principal Fry speaks to students at the State of the Hurricane.

Kyla Catarineau, Managing Editor

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Coral Shores High School’s graduation rate last year exceeded the state’s average graduation rate for the first time in a while, Principal Mr. Fry said at a State of the Hurricanes (SOH) assembly this week, and had the highest graduation rate in the county.

“We’re first in the district for graduation rate,” Principal Fry said at the SOH, which was Wednesday, Feb. 7. “Also for the first time in quite a while we beat the state average graduation rate, we now have a 83.3 percent graduation rate, which is good compared to the state and the other schools in the district.”

Principal Fry gives an example using the freshmen class.

“There are 176 freshmen now and based on the percentage, in four years, 146 of this year’s freshmen will walk across the stage,” Principal Fry said. “Obviously we want that number at 100 percent, so let’s see if this year’s class, class of 2018 can beat that.”

Ms. Harris protects the big Academic Challenge trophy.

Also at the SOH, it was announced that Coral Shores High School (CSHS) was picked by NBC news for one of the “brag about your school segments. “That means that NBC news will go around the school and shoot live as students and staff showcase some of the programs here. It will sometime at the end of this month.

Principal Fry additionally told students the curriculum showcase is coming up; it will be on Wednesday, Feb. 21. This is where parents and upcoming freshmen can come in and get an idea about classes they can take.

“What curriculum showcase means for you guys, is that in the next couple of weeks you will be able to start choosing your courses for next year,” Principal Fry said.

Ms. Harris also proudly announced the Academic Challenge team and their recent success at the district competition.

“The team just won districts, so what that means is we’re going to Disney!” supervisor of the team Ms. Harris said.

To conclude the SOH students learned that former CSHS graduate will be on the next season of “Survivor,” a popular show in which the contestants try to survive on an island. The former graduate is Chris Noble, and in a video clip showed, Noble expressed his appreciation toward the school and its students for helping him along the way.



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Coral Shores Beats County, State Graduation Rate