Services to be held Saturday for ‘Mama’ Moates

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Services to be held Saturday for ‘Mama’ Moates

Students and staff created a memorial at Mrs. Moates' favorite spot.

Students and staff created a memorial at Mrs. Moates' favorite spot.

Students and staff created a memorial at Mrs. Moates' favorite spot.

Students and staff created a memorial at Mrs. Moates' favorite spot.

Kyla Catarineau, Managing Editor

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After working at Coral Shores High School (CSHS) for over 40 years, Jackie “Mama” Moates passed away last Sunday morning, March 4.

Ms. Moates’ “Going Home Celebration” will be held at CSHS this Saturday, March 10 and the Moates’ family has requested that “in lieu flowers, send donations to the Jackie Moates memorial scholarship fund, all of the proceeds will go to the students at CSHS.”

In honor of Ms. Moates, students and staff have been asked to wear a red heart on Friday, March 9.

“Ms. Moates was a rules and regulations perfectionist, she was a compassionate person, and she had a big heart,” principal Mr. Fry said. “She was one of the most amazing people in life.”

In Ms. Moates 40 plus years at CSHS, she made the school a different place.

“I admired Ms. Moates because she was a role model,” English and journalism and English teacher Ms. Susa said. “No matter who you were, even if you were the president of the United States, if you did something wrong she would make you fix it; she knew the difference between right and wrong.”

Mrs. Wischmeier sports a red heart in honor of Mrs. Moates.

In addition to being a role model, Ms. Moates also left students and staff at CSHS with stories they will likely never forget.

“Every teacher has to sign in with Ms. Moates, and there were maybe two times I didn’t,” math teacher Mrs. Wischmeier said. “One time I just didn’t sign in, but the other time I did and she said I didn’t. I told her that I really did sign in, but she didn’t like that. Anyway, she was a great woman and said she wanted to work until she couldn’t and she did.”

During lunch if you couldn’t find Ms. Moates, look no further than the desk right on the inside of the gate where everyday during both lunches she sat and collected off- campus lunch passes. This was Mrs. Moates’ favorite time of day.

“I know Ms. Moates loved sitting outside during lunch because she loved talking to the students, and lunch was the perfect time for her to socialize,” Mrs. Wischmeier said.

Despite many students encountering Ms. Moates for off- campus lunch, some students had talked to her once or not at all. Even if you never personally had an encounter with Ms. Moates you knew who she was.

“I think I may have talked to her probably once, but that’s it,” sophomore Noah Arnold said. “Even though I didn’t really know her, I did know one thing Mrs. Moates was and is a legend at Coral Shores.”

Ms. Moates’s dedication to the school was astounding, she retired after 47 years but then came back and worked for six months unpaid.

“She lived in this building,” Mr. Fry said. “Everyday I spent with her was memorable.”

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