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New Shows Make Way on Netflix

Martha Calix, Staff Writer

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Netflix announces new shows to come. CONTRIBUTED

Netflix has announced that they will be adding new shows to their ever-growing selection. Starting in March, an array of options will be introduced that will surely please a multitude of viewers.

For a list of the new shows that have either already premiered or are yet to premiere in 2018, click here.

For some, Netflix is a great way to relive stress and let users escape reality for a while to hide from the workload that school or work brings upon them. With many various types of shows, this online service attracts different types of personalities of all ages.

“Netflix is good because it distracts me and helps me procrastinate, lowering the stress I get from school,” said sophomore Isabella Contreras. “It’s also good because there are different shows that fit the many different personalities that there are, so there are many options to choose from.”

Sophomore Imani Murphy watching Netflix after finishing her work. MARTHA CALIX/Hurricane Watch

It’s simple to use. It’s a fun and easy way to watch the shows or movies that you like.

“If you like informational [shows], there are documentaries, or if you’re looking for a laugh, comedies and so on,” said sophomore Imani Murphy.

Culinary teacher Ms. McGraw is also a proponent of the Netflix craze.

“Netflix has different shows so you can pick any one depending on what you like and what interests you the most,” said culinary teacher Ms. McGraw.

With all the new Netflix Originals coming out, some people aren’t as excited, seeing as how they aren’t a fan of originals or simply prefer common television shows instead.

Sophomore Isabella Contreras taking a break from work to watch Netflix. MARTHA CALIX/Hurricane Watch

“There are some good Netflix originals to watch, but sometimes you just want to watch a common TV show instead,” said sophomore Karli Richards.

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New Shows Make Way on Netflix