Hurricane Watch

Not Just Test Season, Stress Season

Coral Shores students are sent into a frenzy with tests approaching.

The schedule for AP tests. CAMERON EL-KOURY/Hurricane Watch

The schedule for AP tests. CAMERON EL-KOURY/Hurricane Watch

The schedule for AP tests. CAMERON EL-KOURY/Hurricane Watch

Cameron El-koury, Staff Writer

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As the third quarter comes to an end, Coral Shores students begin to stress over end-of-the-year exams and advanced placement (AP) tests.

With AP tests coming up in May, teachers are beginning to give up their own time to help students study and ease the nerves that come with testing season.

A Coral Shores teacher setting aside time for her students is Ms.Welch. She teaches AP Human, a class which predominantly consists of freshmen. She offers sessions after school and during lunch.

The PAC is where all AP students will be taking their tests. CAMERON EL-KOURY/Hurricane Watch

Freshman Kailee Mc Daniel, an AP Human student, attends all of Mrs. Welch’s review sessions in order to increase her chances of getting a passing score on the AP test.

“To help myself prepare for the AP Human exam I go to all of her [Mrs.Welch’s] review sessions and she gives us advice about the most common FRQs [free response questions] and gives us suggestions about which review books to use,” Mc Daniel said.

Though the AP tests are in May, some students have already started to get ready for the test. Seniors are especially excited that these will be their last AP tests and many are among the students that have already begun to study for their exams.

“With my last AP tests coming up, I’m preparing myself as best as I can,” senior Ty Harrelson said.

Three students from Mrs. Dobson’s class are busy studying for their AP Human test. CAMERON EL-KOURY/Hurricane Watch

For some students, studying with note cards is the way, but for others online studying is all they know.

Some websites that students use are Khan Academy, ACDC, and Youtube. These websites are tools for studying and better understanding a subject.

The tests kick off this week with the first FSA on Tuesday, April 3, and the first AP test on Monday, May 7.



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Not Just Test Season, Stress Season