Prom Can Be Most Stressful Time of Year

Destiny Ruiz, Staff Writer

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Prom is probably the most stressful time of the year for females. The female brain typically tends to overthink every little aspect of what’s happening, and if something doesn’t go the way you expect then there are “major” problems.

Genessa Miranda anxiously looking at prom dresses. DESTINY RUIZ/Hurricane Watch

Girls have the stress of finding someone to go with, dress shopping, makeup, hair, you name it. The problem with all this is the green aspect of it all: money. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go outside and just pick it [money] off of a tree?

“The most stressful part is the dress,” said senior Sierra Jenkins. “There are so many to choose from. Then the cost of it all? Some tips I would give is definitely to start looking for dresses now and make your hair, makeup, and nail appointments before all the spots get taken.”

Senior Brianna Costa agreed with Jenkins, saying that the most stressful part of prom was was finding that perfect dress.

“My number one tip would be to find a dress a month in advance to avoid stress at all cost,” Costa said. “My first experience was stressful when trying to find the dress, the actual prom itself wasn’t all that, but I did enjoy hanging out with my friends.”

Don’t get me wrong- prom is overall an exciting time of year and a great experience. It’s an event that I suggest everyone partake in at least once during high school. Prom night is a fun-filled evening complete with dazzling dresses, laughter, friends, and of course, music.

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