Coral Shores Varying Exceptionalism Students Take On Special Olympics

Martha Calix, Staff Writer

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The Coral Shores Varying Exceptionalism students participated in the track and field Special Olympics recently.

The Special Olympics program is a worldwide project.

The Special Olympics is an event in which students of Varying Exceptionalism partner up with athletes and participate in competitions. Each school participates in one sport. Coral Shores competed in track-relay. Other sports of this program are swimming, bowling, stand-up paddle, flag football, cycling, and bocce. Whoever has the best time then moves forward to compete with other participating schools.

Special Olympics is also connected with anti-bulling campaigns and with Union Champions.

In classes there was a Professional Learning Conference (PLC), where the students were given lessons, all different in ways, but with the same goal, to motivate students to perform better by exercising more and eating healthier. All students in Monroe County Schools participated in these lessons.

Students pose for a group picture.

The Special Olympics occur during school hours, so many students aren’t able to participate or show their support.

“I think more people should know about it. It happens during school so students can’t really participate. I think it would be good if maybe students in electives could participate, seeing as how students can’t miss their core classes,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Ruiz, who is the teacher managing the program.

“I’m not part of the club, but I like to go to the events and cheer all the kids on. They get so happy and way more excited when they see people from school going to watch them and hype them up” said junior Shannon McCormick.

The students put in time and trained with the help of Coach James.

The students get ready to start the race.

Students from track and leadership participated and ran with the students with disabilities, while also motivating them to keep running and to not give up.

“The [track and leadership] students encouraged them to keep running because they would get tired and slow down sometimes,” Varying Exceptionalism teacher Mrs. Ets-Klokin said.

“The Varying Exceptionalism students love it and get so excited when they can participate in things,” she said.

The girls pose for a picture.

In May, the girls will be going to Orlando to participate in a soccer match.


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