Homeboys Need Money Quick!

French Toasties Await Consumption

Nicole Wapinsky, Staff Writer

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Dear Nikki,
“If  you’re at the store and you want some chikn tendies, but you used all your money on french toasties, then what do you do?!?!?” – Tim and Moby

The so called “chicken tendies”


Dear Tim and Moby,


It seems to me you have a problem here.


I would ask how you’re still hungry after spending all your money on “chikn tendies” and eating them, but seeing as you’re here for advice, I would advise you to split your money evenly so you can get both “chikn tendies” and “french toasties.” If you want the “french toasties” now, maybe you can ask your mom for some money, or just find spare change around your room and keep collecting until you have enough money. Next time, spend your money wisely so you can get both. Or as an alternative option, GET A JOB!
Sincerely, Nikki.



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