As Sailfish Season Ends Spring Reels in Tuna Season

Anonymous ginger boy catches a gnarly Blackfin Tuna


Anonymous ginger boy catches a gnarly Blackfin Tuna

KC Spaulding, Staff Writer

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The transition from sailfish season to dolphin season can be rather difficult to get used to.

In the spring, the conditions are always changing, which can significantly affect the fishing. Although there are still quite a few sailfish around, they’re getting harder to catch day by day.

Last week, we had a powder blue condition. A powder blue condition is an edge of vividly green water to powder blue to dark purple water with lots of current.  We only get this special blend of water once or twice a year.

The reason why this is good is because the migrating sailfish tail down the wave which makes visibility much more clear. The other thing that makes this condition so fun is you are sight fishing all of them.

Hopefully fishermen can get one more week of these types of conditions. Once it is over, the dolphin and tuna fishing should start to pick up due to ending of sailfish season.

There have been some dolphin and tuna out by the humps [offshore fishing], but it has been hit or miss.

The worlds largest tuna is 45 lbs, this man has clearly not beat that record.

Dolphins also usually eat anything and everything. The big ones can be tricky sometimes; they will only eat live bait or not eat at all.

You might have trouble getting them to eat on a full moon as well. Like most saltwater fish, dolphins eat on the full moon at night.

Tuna are another fun fish to catch down here in the Florida Keys. Blackfin tuna swarm the humps and can be easily targeted by trolling.

Tuna fishing is plentiful almost all year around.  From spring until the end of October is the best time to catch the bigger ones. Ones that are bigger tend to be smarter and are much more tricky to catch.

K.C. Spaulding is a fourth-generation fisherman on the fishing boat Caribsea, a local family-run and family-owned business.

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