CSHS Students Elect Class Officers, Student Government

Martha Calix, Staff Writer

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After the student body voted for class representatives on Thursday, April 26, the results were announced the following day Friday, April 27.

This year, senior Paige Joyce gave advice to current class representatives and anyone who are interested in running in the future before the winners are listed.

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and it’s okay to not win every office you run for,” said Student Government President Paige Joyce. “Being a part of student government has opened so many doors for me, and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on those opportunities.”

Junior Bella Olsen has put up many signs asking students to vote for her. MARTHA CALIX/Hurricane Watch

For student council, the upcoming senior class president is Tara Amador, the vice president is Emily Dillon, the treasurer is Robbie Prosek, and the secretary is Allie Ancheta.

For the upcoming junior class, the president is Jena Jones, the vice president is Nola Frank, the treasurer is Marlie Cakans, and the secretary is Ella Marsden.

“As class president, I’m going to try to have a positive impact on the community through my work,” Class President Jena Jones said.

For the upcoming sophomore class, the president is Allie Adler, the vice president is Riley Dobson, the treasurer is Sheila Gonzalez, and the secretary is Emma Kost.

These students are representatives for student council, not student government. Though student council and student government seem to be the same, there is a difference between the two organizations.

Freshman students who are running for office positions have put up signs all over the school for their campaigns. MARTHA CALIX/Hurricane Watch

The student council is the whole organization, but right underneath it is the student government.

The student council deals with spirit week, class shirts, and planning prom junior year. Student government deals with many school-related events, but it also monitors the student council.

Despite the differences, both government forms have different students for the different titles, such as president and vice president.

Freshman Grace Matthews was one of the many candidates who hung her signs up around school. MARTHA CALIX/Hurricane Watch



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