Craving White Girl Drug (Starbucks)

Student and CSHS wants to know why there isn't a Starbucks at the school.

Nicole Wapinsky, Staff Writer

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Dear Nikki,

Why is there not a Starbucks at Coral Shores High School?

Sincerely, Basic White Girl.




Dear Basic White Girl,

I would love to ask the same question. I personally love Starbucks and would be excited to see a Starbucks open at the school. The amount of money the school would make is crazy. Everyone would be buying coffee and cake pops. I’m going to bring this to Principal Fry’s attention and maybe he will be open to the idea of getting Starbucks drinks, maybe not an entire coffee shop but a vending machine or to sell them on the lunch line. That would be awesome. From one white girl to another, I understand and I’ll try my best to help.







Sincerely Nikki.


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