Explosive Events at White House Lead to Explosive Actions in Syria

Cote Snodgrass, Staff Writer

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Tomahawk Ballistic Cruise Missile launches toward Syria.

To some Coral Shores students, the actions taken by Trump and his allies, the UK and Germany, seem like an act of war and are frightened for the events that may come to unfold in the coming years. (Click here to see national story).

Others are for some reason more excited for this action than others, such as seniors Noah Hane and Hyatt Spaulding. Both of the high school seniors are excited to see what will come. Hane is enlisted in the Marine Corps and is shipping to Parris Island in early July for boot camp.

“I’m excited because chances are I’ll be one of the first ones in the fight, and I’ll get to blow stuff up,” said Hane.

Spaulding is in the process of enlisting in the Army and is currently holding a Ranger contract.

“I’m excited because when we go into Syria you’ll have the grunts and jarheads like Noah and Cote on the ground taking the brunt of the Russian-backed Assad Regime while I’ll be deployed back doing anti-personnel missions,” said Spaulding.

There is opposition to all this events, though, and sophomore Jeronimo Reynoso-Heaton and Senior Gigi Matos are both vocal opponents of what President Trump has been doing with Syria and what he plans on doing.

Sophomore Jeronimo Reynoso-Heaton poses with his brother Valente.

“It is not necessary; we don’t need to bomb small countries like Syria. If troops were sent in I wouldn’t be happy, but it’s not my choice,” said sophomore Reynoso-Heaton.

“It is not necessary, too much strength for a small country on top of not accepting the refugees. If troops are necessary, hopefully they’ll keep an eye out for civilians,” said senior Matos.

Matos has been very vocal against this bombing but said in the end if it came down to it she would do what is necessary.

“If it came down to it and I was drafted I would go, not because I believe in Trump or any of that but because I believe in this country,” said Matos.


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