Miami Vs. The Keys: Which is the best place to live?

A Keys Kids' Perspective

Adrian Munoz, Staff Writer

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HURRICANE WATCH/ADRIAN MUNOZ Pictured is the Downtown Miami skyline at night.

Many students at Coral Shores High School have debated over whether Miami or the Keys would be the superior place to live, and quite frankly, it’s Miami.

Everywhere you go down here in the Keys, it’s the same thing- just one long  road stretching all the way from the upper keys to the most southern point in the United States, Key West.

Restaurants are essentially all that can be seen from the road on the bay side, and on the ocean side, there is really nothing to do unless you go out on the boat on a weekend and end up looking like Larry the Lobster.

Key Largo has been around for a very long time and there still isn’t even a good clothing store to acquire the right gear needed to look fresh. It would be amazing if a mall was opened down here.

Many people believe that the Keys are the most wonderful place ever, but in reality, it’s everything but that. Miami has everything that we don’t. It has malls, a couple hundred parks, stores for everything, and it even includes Zoo Miami, which is an intriguing attraction.

Some people might argue that the crime rate and unsafe atmosphere makes Miami not worth even considering when it comes to great cities due to the fact that Miami is only safer than six percent of other U.S. Cities, according to

That’s true, and its a sound point. But life cannot truly be lived if you’re completely focused on the possibility of getting robbed every day; you have to open your eyes to the many opportunities and attractions of the city. The options are endless- consider going to Dolphin Mall to buy clothes; going to the American Airlines Arena to enjoy a Miami Heat game with your family; maybe even eating dinner at a good hibachi restaurant.

The city of Miami also provides exposure to a variety of different people everywhere you go, introducing new cultures and foods from other countries. Key Largo is nothing but Fish City, and the majority of the restaurants have the same ocean theme to them.

Another thing people tend to point out is that traffic in Miami is crazy, but there are many alternative routes that can be utilized to avoid being stuck in traffic. Down here, there are only two lanes, which makes traffic much heavier and difficult to deal with.

I simply don’t understand why people prefer the Keys over Miami. I grew up in the Keys and I truly believe I could say I would have had a much more interesting childhood if I had grown up and gone to school in Miami.

This was not written to offend anyone; it is simply my opinion. There are some things that I felt were necessary to be stated due to the fact that people vehemently say that Key Largo is “better” without knowing their facts. It’s like voting for your president without knowing who the candidates are.

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