Students Look Back at Highs, Lows of School Year

Tanaris Walker, Staff Writer

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This year, Coral Shores High School (CSHS) students went on a wild ride, experiencing many highs and lows throughout the year.

To kick off the craziness, three weeks into school Hurricane Irma swept through the Florida keys leading to the evacuation of the entire island, and leading to the first low of the year. As a result of Irma, CSHS students were out of school for three weeks, despite only having been in for three weeks.

“It was nice not having school for three weeks, but it sucks that it had to be because of a hurricane,”sophomore Karla Gonzalez said.

CONTRIBUTED. Juniors, Leila Isidor and David Ruano look to the sky to see the solar eclipse.

When CSHS students resumed school after Irma, a solar eclipse loomed on the horizon, giving the recently devastated students something to look forward to.

“The solar eclipse was a cool experience, it’s something you get to see a only few times in your life,” senior Emily Godsey said.

Later in the year, Coral Shores resource officer, Officer Larry, decided it was time to retire.  Officer Larry has been at this school for a long time, long enough that every student at the school knows either of him or knows him.

“I’ve known Officer Larry since my freshmen year,” junior Emily Dillon said. “Officer Larry is super nice and I miss him a lot.”

CONTRIBUTED. The memorial created by Coral Shores students for Ms. Moates

At the end of the year, tragedy struck CSHS hard. After working at the school for over 40 years, over double a CSHS student’s age, Jackie “Mama” Moates passed away.

“Mrs. Moates was a kind soul, she was always there,” sophomore Imani Murphy said. “She was a truly amazing person and she will be missed by us all.”



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