‘Promposals’ Sweep Coral Shores

CONTRIBUTED  Cheeca Lodge Resort is located in Islamorada.

CONTRIBUTED Cheeca Lodge Resort is located in Islamorada.

Destiny Ruiz, Staff Writer

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CONTRIBUTED  Senior Zane Absten poses with his prom date Sofia Garcia.

As prom approached, so did the impending stress of asking that special person to prom.

‘Promposals’ are fun and unique ways to ask people to prom. There are so many different promposal possibilities, depending on their interest or hobbies. You can either come up with your own unique way or just look on Pinterest for ideas.There has been a huge increase in popularity with promposals.

Senior Christian Frisone asked senior Kailey Seiler by creating a University Of Florida-themed poster, which they will both be attending in the fall.

“I knew Christian was going to ask me, but I didn’t know when or how,” Seiler said. “I was so happy the way he did it; it was really thoughtful and personal to both of us which I loved.”

CONTRIBUTED Christian Frisone and Kailey Seiler are going to prom together after a memorable ‘promposal.’

Frisone added, “It was a little stressful because I wanted it to be clever and good, but, at the same time, we are so close it would’ve been good to her either way. It did take me a little to figure out how I was going to ask but, I came up with this my on my own.”

Sofia Garcia another lucky lady who got asked to prom said she really loved the actual promposal because Zane Absten but a lot of thought into it. ” It was really sweet that he chose something I love and it made it really personal,”Garcia said.

Coral Shores will be having their prom at The Cheeca Lodge Resort located in Islamorada starting at 7:00 to 10:30 p.m.








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