Adventures of the School Year: First Quarter

Major Computer Virus, Spirit Week Top Q1 Excitement

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Adventures of the School Year: First Quarter

Chase Hoffman, Contributor

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The first quarter was interesting through all the testing to the Wi-Fi going out from the virus the quarter went on for a while but from what I can see everyone’s making it through and ready to take on the second quarter. As Tony Thiele stated, “The testing was difficult [after] getting messed up from the virus.”

There was a lot of testing the first quarter, but it felt really long because of the virus that went into the school servers and we ended up waiting over a week to finish the test.


One student said, “It really affected my testing ability.”

Many people thought it messed with their scores. Joel said “he did 100% better on the first part before the virus.”

Everyone had a lot of fun this final week of the first quarter with the pep rally and spirit week.

Monday was class colors, Tuesday was rappers versus rockers, Wednesday was way back Wednesday, Thursday was famous and fans, and Friday was green and gold for the pep rally. Which we filled out a paper on being nice and then went to watch volley puff. Final score was junior’s 14- seniors 16. After volley puff we went to do the lip dub, then went back to the gym for the rest of the pep rally.

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