Brayan Rojas

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I want to tell the upcoming freshmen to enjoy high school. When I was a freshman I attended a school in Miami where there were more students in my class than there are here at Coral Shores. I didn’t have the opportunity to succeed or to get to know my teachers as much as I wanted to. My sophomore year I had the opportunity to move to the Keys and enroll at Coral Shores. Here I was able to gain experience and love from my teachers. Everything in my life has been progressing in the right direction.

I also want to tell the upcoming freshmen that if you have the right mentality, you will succeed here. Just remember, everything will be okay. If you are feeling sad, depressed, or stressed, just take a moment and think about all that you have accomplished and be grateful that you are alive and for all the blessing that you have. Be humble. Most importantly, listen to your heart.

Brayan Rojas

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