Leila Isidor

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Upcoming freshman might feel like this is just another  year of school and not really care too much about it. I know I felt that way. But freshman year is just as important as the other three years. I wish I had the mindset of a senior when I was a freshman. I wish I had prepared more back then. Whether you are going to go to college, or straight to work, you need to be prepared.

Somethings I wish I had done during my freshman year would have been to join clubs, do community service, and learn how to better manage my time. Of course you want to keep your grades up to keep your GPA as high as you can, but if you want to got to college, they don’t only look at your grades. They want to know how involved you were in your community. Try to join clubs that offer community service opportunities. They look good on your college applications and resumes. The more activities and service hours you have, the better!

I also want to talk about AP classes and grades. You begin creating your GPA during your freshman year, so if you start off badly, it can be hard to recover. If you are considering taking AP classes, make sure you know how hard they are. Only take them if you are good at that subject because they are very challenging, and it is hard to get out of them once you are in. Don’t be scared to challenge yourself, but only take them if you want to.

Finally, don’t be afraid of the resources around you. There are many teachers, counselors, and other staff that are more than willing to help you in anyway that they can. Make good relationships with your teachers – you might really need them one day.

Leila Isidor

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