Pep Rally Means Different Feelings for Different Class Levels

Seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen say what event means to them

Kyla Catarineau and Andreja Medina

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The Coral Shores seniors and freshmen had insights on the pep rally that took place on Friday, Aug. 26.
As students advance through high school, the pep rallies have a greater significance than they did the year before. From freshman to seniors, the responses were diverse.
Many seniors reminisced about the past pep rallies they had attended while the freshmen visualized the pep rallies to come.
“The games and the rivalry/competition between the classes are some good memories,” senior Mallory Hudson said.
Freshman Chris Wong added, “I think leadership did a good job decorating and making the schedule go smoothly and I can’t wait to see what else they can do.”
For many seniors the reality may not have hit that this is really one of the last pep rallies they will attend, and the feeling is extraordinarily hard to describe.
“It was a bittersweet feeling because it’s one of the last times I will be screaming ‘go home freshman’, but sweet because we are seniors now and we are kings and queens of the school,” senior Abran Mendoza said.
While the seniors are looking back at their previous pep rallies, the freshmen are just getting started.
“My first pep rally was, in my opinion very fun and exciting, I was very surprised that a lot of the students were involved though,” Bridget Dougherty freshman said.

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