Students Prepare for PAC-a-palooza

Kyla Catarineau, Staff Writer

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The annual PAC-a-palooza is quickly approaching; auditions took place last Friday, Oct. 21 and Monday Oct. 24 in the PAC with Ms. Zofchak making the decisions on who will make it or who will be cut.

The show is not very far away, it takes place on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4. In response to the closeness of the show the line-up is already in place.

In the end sixteen people auditioned, but only the following made it:

Peter Gomez, Elizabeth Kyle, Valenti Reynoso, Alexis and Peter, Alexis and Daniel, Morgan Whittle, Sophia Kubida, Maria Otero, Geo Capitos, Donathan Stewart, Joy and David Marianski, Ariana Oliver and Seanus Dougharty, Cara Erickson, and Grayson Cox.

Among the acts the talents seen were varied, there was monologue, flag routines, and singing and dancing.

“Suggested donations of $5 at the door, the money will go to Phantom,” said Ms. Zofchak, who’s running the show. “You should come to experience the unseen talents our students have here at CSHS.”

Contrary to what some might think PAC-a-palooza is strictly a talent show. There are no judges, and there is no first place.

Though there is no first place Ms. Zofchak also said, “Pac-a-palooza is a long-standing Coral Shores tradition.”

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