Love? I Think Not

Kyla Catarineau, Staff Writer

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 Love, a word that used to hold so much meaning and meant such a big deal in a relationship, what happened to it?

Love used to be a very large and significant step in a relationship, but now a couple has been dating for two weeks and they’re already saying “I love you” to one another.

I’m sorry, but love isn’t something that you can just casually throw out there, especially after dating for two weeks, it should be a scary word to use, it should be used to show much you care about a person.

If you say you love each other in the beginning of a relationship, then what happens if the relationship lasts, what could you do or say to show how much you want and need that person?

Love has lost its meaning and relationships have lost their individuality.

Relationships are mostly the same: they date for two weeks to a month, they say they love each other, they break-up, and the meaning of love is used embarrassingly and incorrectly once again.

I truly don’t understand how love took such a big hit, love should and used to be the scariest thing to say to your partner, the biggest, most sincere gesture that could be done or said, and know it’s the first thing a couple says to one another in a relationship.

Many and most couples use the word love incorrectly, but there are two exceptions in what love is and how it is used.

An example of this exception is Mallory Hudson and Ty Harrelson, “Love should be said when you truly mean it and feel it,” Hudson said.

A living breathing relationship where it is shown the word love can be used correctly.

The first being, in some relationships love is as big of a meaning as it used to be and it is used early on, however it is not used casually and it is only used because that’s how much they are truly in love. Love at first sight.

This is VERY rare.

The second exception is the right couple, what I mean is the couples that are right in what they are doing and how they hold out on the use of the word love.

Obviously they are an exception because they don’t even use the word incorrectly.

In agreeance with my beliefs senior Mallory Hudson says, “The word love should be used when you truly mean it and feel it.”

Currently Hudson is in a relationship with junior Ty Harrelson, and if she uses love as she says it should be, then we are already on our way to restoring the word.

If you feel love is a word that should be saved for the right person, please preserve it, help put what love should truly mean back together.

One couple at a time, love has the ability to build back the original meaning, what love was truly meant to act as to people and couples.

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